Sale of ciccioli montanari for gourmets

Derived from processing the trimmings of choice parts of the pig, such as jowl and belly, ciccioli montanari are cooked for a long time before undergoing a pressing process that gives them their classic square and tender shape for slicing.

They are an Emilian speciality made from the lean and fatty parts of the pig, left to cook for a long time with flavourings and spices, which give it a particularly tasty flavour.

The prolonged cooking completely degreases the mixture, of which the lean portion is used for the final product.

Through this process, the heat facilitates the separation of the fatty parts, which melt evenly to form lard, from the lean parts, which gradually dry out.

The characteristic “cube” of ciccioli montanari is created after cooking and cooling, when the mixture is pressed and bagged.

Particularly suitable for gourmets in search of genuine flavours and excellent quality, Franceschini Gino’s ciccioli montanari are produced at the plant in Spilamberto in the province of Modena, considered the home of these excellent cold cuts.

Vendita ciccioli montanari

Why choose ciccioli montanari

Ciccioli montanari are able to offer an initial and immediate pleasure the moment they are cut as their delicately spiced scent prepares the taste buds for savouring.

They provide a strong yet delicate taste on the palate as the aromatic flavour combined with the soft consistency of the mixture offers a particularly velvety sensation.

Those who choose this cold cut can enjoy it as a tasty appetiser accompanied by toasted bread, or as a dish together with typical round breads such as piadine, crescentine or warm tigelle.

An ideal combination is ciccioli montanari with gnocco fritto, a variety of savoury focaccia typical of the Emilia region.

Food lovers recommend accompanying it with hot polenta, so that the high temperature helps to melt the fat, which is then transformed into an excellent condiment.

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One of the most valued characteristics of ciccioli montanari is their tenderness, resulting from the process they undergo.

When cut into thin slices it is possible to appreciate their distinctive delicacy combined with the spicy aroma of the meat.

Considered a true excellence of Emilian gastronomy, they should be eaten at room temperature to allow the fat to reach the ideal degree of consistency.

To be sure to enjoy the original ciccioli montanari, prepared according to the traditional recipes of the Emilia region, you must turn to industries that can guarantee excellent quality standards.

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