The Franceschini Gino & C. Company was founded in Spilamberto in 1963, from the lifelong experience of the founder Gino Franceschini.
The aim of the owner is to respect traditions and produce top quality products.

This is what he passed on to his children, who continue the business with the target of keeping the traditional flavours alive, even into the new generations.


Over 15 types of salami are produced, ciccioli (pressed pieces of fatty pork) and coppa di testa, cooked and raw zampone (stuffed pig trotter), matured coppa and pancetta, dry-cured hams, as well as the marketing of typical national salami.

The entire production is carried out by exclusively using top quality products and above all, meat from heavy pigs: born, reared and slaughtered in Italy.


No ingredient that falls within the allergen list is used and all production phases are strictly controlled to avoid any contamination from gluten.
The salami are mainly stuffed into natural or however edible casings.
Tying, if needed, is all done by hand and maturing is carried out using the traditional method.


One of the main productions refers to products that are defined as typically wintry ones: cotechino (large gelatinous pork sausage), zampone cappellotto (stuffed pig trotter), and bondiola, both precooked and raw and raw pork cheeks.

For all these references, attention to detail and experience make the difference.


Ciccioli are made by combining the fatty and lean parts of the pig and are produced according to traditional methods, in open boilers and, depending on the pressing degree, can be tender for slicing or dry for appetisers.
We have always used only natural spices and flavourings and no caseinates, gluten and/or polyphosphates are added into our recipes.

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