The bondiola is produced with minced pork, with a mixture similar to that of cotechino.
The meat of the pig’s head, the rinds, the bacon are minced together with other lean parts, kneaded and seasoned with salt and spices and various aromas.
The mixture is then stuffed into a swine bladder.
The shape of the bondiola is rounded with a diameter of about 10 centimeters, with string that divides the surface into segments.
The mixture of the bondiola has a red color with a medium grain.
Available raw (which requires a soaking period and a subsequent slow cooking for over 3 hours – ideal cooking recommends placing the product in a canvas bag fixed to a stick, so as not to touch the container), in the format to be 0.8 / 0.900 kg. approximately and pre-cooked, in the practical vacuum-sealed aluminum package, easy and quick to prepare but with an unmissable taste in the 0.7 / 0.750 kg format. about.
Ideal accompanied by the classic side dishes of beans, mashed potatoes or lentils.