The Cappello del Prete is a typical cured meat from Emilia; it owes its name to the cut of meat of the same name, the priest’s hat, which is made with the muscle of the pig’s forelimbs.
This particular product has its origins in the sixteenth century in Upper Emilia when it was eaten boiled and accompanied by mashed potatoes during Carnival and Easter.
Both the cured meat and the cut of meat, in fact, have a triangular shape with a rounded center reminiscent of the hats worn by three-pointed priests. Locally it is also called “capel dal pret”
Available raw (which requires a soaking period and subsequent slow cooking for over 3 hours), in the 0.8 / 0.900 kg format. approximately and pre-cooked, in the practical vacuum-sealed aluminum package, easy and quick to prepare but with an unmissable taste in the 0.7 / 0.750 kg format. about.
Ideal accompanied by the classic side dishes of beans, mashed potatoes or lentils.


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