• Size 1.00 kg average weight
  • Medium ground
  • Hand tied
  • To be consumed after cooking
Sausage is mainly made up of lean pork and a minimum part of bacon, suitably salted and seasoned.
It is a cold cut from very ancient tradition that has evolved over the centuries into different varieties, until forming a real family, with characteristic specialities for each region.
It was known right back in Roman times and they called it “lucanica”, a term still used today to indicate a type of sausage.
It consists of a more or less fine mix of only pork, minced and mixed with salt and seasoned with flavourings and spices.
The mixture is then inserted into a natural casing. The filled casing is then presented for sale in long strings or in chains of little sausages.
We also produce variants with chilli and wild fennel seeds.
Ideal for grilling.