• Weight kg. 3.00 approx.
  • Flavored with hot red pepper
  • Coarse grind
  • Natural gut
  • Minimum seasoning 30/45 days
All the flavor of the Mediterranean tradition is preserved in the spicy crushed Ventricina.
With a flattened shape, it is a full-bodied paste product, with an intense flavor, whose dough is made with lean pork, coarsely chopped, flavored with the right amount of aromatic ingredients, such as black pepper and red chilli as well to the special Calabrian drug.
Stuffed into the casing, then pressed and finally left to mature for a long time in a protected environment. Ventricina is the ideal proposal for those who love intense flavors.
Slightly curved in shape, it is unique for its strong and appetizing taste.
A coarse grind salami flavored with red chilli pepper, irresistible even for the less trained because it is spicy at the right point.