• Size 1/1.400 kg average weight
  • Hand cut
  • Coarse ground
  • Hand tied
  • Minimum maturation 30 days
Its name “Salame montanaro” (mountain salami) comes from an old farming tradition, as our town is at the foot of the Modena Appenines. In the winter they used to kill a pig in each farmhouse for family use.
A pig was reared in each familywith the cooking leftovers, acorns and maize; bringing it to weigh over 200 kg.
The mountain dwellers came down from the nearby mountainsand together with the farmers they did “Apcaria”, in other words, they killed the pig and each piece was given its value.
The value of mountain salami is especially due to the lean meat of the pig, rump, shoulder, pieces of ham and 15/20% of bacon.
It was all ground and mixed, seasoned with natural flavourings, wine, garlic and stuffed in to natural casings. Then the salame montanari dried in the kitchen in front of the fireside and were left to mature in the old cellars. By following these principles, our products are guaranteed under the use of only national certified meat.
Following ancient traditions, heritage of an old Modenese farming custom.