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  • A Coppa like this is dedicated to you. We are not in a hurry to serve it, here is the secret of its unmistakably sweet taste: the selected pork meats are aged for a long time. Even the delicious scent is the result of a special care in the production: a skilful salting followed by a massage to best distribute the flavor of salt and spices. Surprise your guests by bringing the flagship of our specialties to the table: an appetizer like this guarantees success! [/celebrity endorsement]
  • Nostrano, which means local, contains the secret of the places that have made and preserved it in its name: the delicate sweetness of its flavour and all the colour of the lands of Emilia. All ingredients to guarantee a quality for it to be the protagonist on the cutting counter: haunches chosen and processed with care, carved and patient maturation of a minimum of 18 months.We are never in a rush to serve you so we can serve you the best. Prosciutto nostrano, a typical Emilian product.
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  • For an unforgettable flavour, choose to bring rolled pancetta to your table. Prepared according to the most ancient Emilian tradition, a Franceschini speciality made by selecting only the best pork. Due to accurate salting, the pancetta has the typical “melt-in-the-mouth” flavour on the palate. After trimming, the meat is rolled in a manner to keep the freshness intact.
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  • Parma Ham, the King of cured hams. Its long maturation period that lasts at least 20/24 months gives it perfection: excellent in the harmony of appearance and substance, without flaws during cutting, very sweet and not to be missed. By following a strict self-regulatory principle, we produce only Top Quality Parma Ham, as it derives from a guaranteed production chain: each single ham has a single certification, permitting to reconstruct its history. Therefore, when you bring Parma ham to the table, you are serving a work of art in one piece, created from the strict teaching of the Emilian culinary tradition.
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